Open Source Text Processing Project: Gensim

Deep Learning Specialization on Coursera

Gensim: Topic Modelling for Humans

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Gensim is a FREE Python library:

Scalable statistical semantics
Analyze plain-text documents for semantic structure
Retrieve semantically similar documents

Gensim started off as a collection of various Python scripts for the Czech Digital Mathematics Library in 2008, where it served to generate a short list of the most similar articles to a given article (gensim = “generate similar”).

Later versions of gensim improved this efficiency and scalability tremendously.

By now, gensim is—to my knowledge—the most robust, efficient and hassle-free piece of software to realize unsupervised semantic modelling from plain text. It stands in contrast to brittle homework-assignment-implementations that do not scale on one hand, and robust java-esque projects that take forever just to run “hello world”.

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