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hmmlearn: Hidden Markov Models in Python, with scikit-learn like API

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hmmlearn is a set of algorithms for unsupervised learning and inference of Hidden Markov Models. For supervised learning learning of HMMs and similar models see seqlearn.

Simple algorithms and models to learn HMMs (Hidden Markov Models) in Python,
Follows scikit-learn API as close as possible, but adapted to sequence data,
Built on scikit-learn, NumPy, SciPy, and matplotlib,
Open source, commercially usable — BSD license.

Important links

Official source code repo:
HTML documentation (stable release):
HTML documentation (development version):

The required dependencies to use hmmlearn are

Python >= 2.6
NumPy (tested to work with >=1.9.3)
SciPy (tested to work with >=0.16.0)
scikit-learn >= 0.16
You also need Matplotlib >= 1.1.1 to run the examples and pytest >= 2.6.0 to run the tests.


First make sure you have installed all the dependencies listed above. Then run the following command:

pip install -U –user hmmlearn

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