Open Source Text Processing Project: UMDHMM

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UMDHMM: Hidden Markov Model Toolkit

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Hidden Markov Model (HMM) Software: Implementation of Forward-Backward, Viterbi, and Baum-Welch algorithms. The software has been compiled and tested on UNIX platforms (sun solaris, dec osf and linux) and PC NT running the GNU package from Cygnus (has gcc, sh, etc.). A tar file can be found at: (tar file). If you need a zip file: zip file . The README file. Postscript slides for tutorial talks that I gave on HMM. The PDF version of the tutorial.
If for some reason you need the older verison of the code, the files are here — zip file and shar file

To refer:
Tapas Kanungo, “UMDHMM: Hidden Markov Model Toolkit,” in “Extended Finite State Models of Language,” A. Kornai (editor), Cambridge University Press, 1999.
Philip Resnik implemented a neat part-of-speech tagger (tutorial and scripts) using my HMM package.
Here is a system that uses my HMM package for predicting the toplogy of trans membrane helical protiens: [system] [paper]
If you want to use the software for bioinformatics see: link.
If you want to use the software for speech recognition work see (prob. 2): link.

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