Text Processing Book: Speech and Language Processing (3rd ed. draft)

Speech and Language Processing (3rd ed. draft) Project Website: https://web.stanford.edu/~jurafsky/slp3/ Description   Chapter Slides Relation to 2nd ed. 1: Introduction [Ch. 1 in 2nd ed.] 2: Regular Expressions, Text Normalization, and Edit Distance Text [pptx] [pdf] Edit Distance [pptx] [pdf] … Continue reading

Open Source Text Processing Project: semanticizest

semanticizest: Standalone Semanticizer Project Website: https://semanticize.github.io/semanticizest/ Github Link: https://github.com/semanticize/semanticizest Description Semanticizest is a package for doing entity linking, also known as semantic linking or semanticizing: you feed it text, and it outputs links to pertinent Wikipedia concepts. You can use … Continue reading