Open Source Deep Learning Project: RNNLM

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RNNLM – Tomas Mikolov’s Recurrent Neural Network based Language models Toolkit

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RNNLM Toolkit

Neural network based language models are nowdays among the most successful techniques for statistical language modeling. They can be easily applied in wide range of tasks, including automatic speech recognition and machine translation, and provide significant improvements over classic backoff n-gram models. The ‘rnnlm’ toolkit can be used to train, evaluate and use such models.

The goal of this toolkit is to speed up research progress in the language modeling field. First, by providing useful implementation that can demonstrate some of the principles. Second, for the empirical experiments when used in speech recognition and other applications. And finally third, by providing a strong state of the art baseline results, to which future research that aims to “beat state of the art techniques” should compare to.

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