Open Source Deep Learning Project: CXXNET

CXXNET is a fast, concise, distributed deep learning framework

Project Website: CXXNet now move forward to MXNet

Github Link:


CXXNET is a fast, concise, distributed deep learning framework.


Learning to use cxxnet by examples
Note on Code
User Group(TODO)
Feature Highlights

Lightweight: small but sharp knife
cxxnet contains concise implementation of state-of-art deep learning models
The project maintains a minimum dependency that makes it portable and easy to build
Scale beyond single GPU and single machine
The library works on multiple GPUs, with nearly linear speedup
THe library works distributedly backed by disrtibuted parameter server
Easy extensibility with no requirement on GPU programming
cxxnet is build on mshadow
developer can write numpy-style template expressions to extend the library only once
mshadow will generate high performance CUDA and CPU code for users
It brings concise and readable code, with performance matching hand crafted kernels
Convenient interface for other languages
Python interface for training from numpy array, and prediction/extraction to numpy array
Matlab interface

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