Open Source Text Processing Project: nlgserv

Deep Learning Specialization on Coursera

nlgserv: JSON HTTP wrapper for SimpleNLG

Project Website:

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nlgserv is a simple server that accepts JSON representations of sentences and generates English sentences from those.

This was something I cobbled together to act as part of my PhD project.
Consequently, I don’t really have time to maintain it or fix bugs, as
it suits the purposes I need it for.

Feel free to take the code and try and fix it, but I’m afraid I can’t
really help you. If you are able to use the Java library directly,
I’d really recommend you do that instead.


It uses SimpleNLG (under the MPL 2.0 licence) available on for natural language generation.

In order to use SimpleNLG (which is implemented in Java), Jython 2.7beta3 is also bundled, under the terms of the PSF v.2.

Additionally, it uses Bottle v0.12.7 (under the MIT licence available on for handling HTTP requests.

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