Open Source Text Processing Project: Ruby-Stemmer

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Ruby-Stemmer exposes SnowBall API to Ruby

Project Website:

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This package includes libstemmer_c library released under BSD licence and available for free here.

Support for latin language is also included and it has been generated with the snowball compiler using schinke contribution.

For more details about libstemmer_c please visit the SnowBall website.


require ‘rubygems’
require ‘lingua/stemmer’

stemmer= => “ro”)
stemmer.stem(“netăgăduit”) #=> netăgădu

require ‘rubygems’
require ‘lingua/stemmer’

Lingua.stemmer( %w(incontestabil neîndoielnic), :language => “ro” ) #=> [“incontest”, “neîndoieln”]
Lingua.stemmer(“installation”) #=> “instal”
Lingua.stemmer(“installation”, :language => “fr”, :encoding => “ISO_8859_1”) do | word |
puts “~> #{word}” #=> “instal”
end # => #

# Rails2: — config/environment.rb:
config.gem ‘ruby-stemmer’, :version => ‘>=0.6.2’, :lib => ‘lingua/stemmer’

# Rails3: — Gemfile
gem ‘ruby-stemmer’, ‘>=0.8.3’, :require => ‘lingua/stemmer’

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