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sphinxbase: CMU Sphinx common libraries

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This package contains the basic libraries shared by the CMU Sphinx trainer and all the Sphinx decoders (Sphinx-II, Sphinx-III, and PocketSphinx), as well as some common utilities for manipulating acoustic feature and audio files.

Please see the LICENSE file for terms of use.

Linux/Unix installation

sphinxbase is used by other modules. The convention requires the physical layout of the code looks like this:

├── package/
└── sphinxbase/
So if you get the file from a distribution, you might want to rename sphinxbase-X.X to sphinxbase by typing:

$ mv sphinxbase- sphinxbase ( being the version of sphinxbase)
If you downloaded directly from the Subversion repository, you need to create the “configure” file by typing:

$ ./
If you downloaded a release version or if you have already run “”, you can build simply by running:

$ ./configure
$ make
If you are compiling for a platform without floating-point arithmetic, you should instead use:

$ ./configure –enable-fixed –without-lapack
$ make
You can also check the validity of the package by typing:

$ make check
… and then install it with (might require permissions):

$ make install
This defaults to installing SphinxBase under /usr/local. You may customize it by running ./configure with an argument, as in:

$ ./configure –prefix=/my/own/installation/directory

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